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Heroic Vineyards

Why are our vineyards so heroic?

As the writer and journalist Pierre Veilletet said, a vineyard is always a territory born of the stubbornness of a civilization.

Whether they are in France, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Portugal and many others, the high-altitude vineyards all have the particularity of being hung on the sides of the mountains. These are marvels of technicality and the result of a human wonder. Some are even listed as UNESCO World Heritage Sites, such as the Lavaux (Switzerland) or the Douro (Portugal). The area of ​​these vineyards in Europe represents 4% of wine-growing areas.

These steep slopes benefit the vine, they allow them to align with the sun's rays, increasing the heat. On the other hand, they require to rest on dry stone walls: “les tablards”. Built for generations, they have a dual purpose: they help slow the erosion of the slope and release the heat accumulated during the day, during the night.

The main difficulty remains manual work, our vines slope more than 30%. Pruning, defoliating or harvesting is proving to be much more difficult work than in other wine regions of the world. This is because a good number of plots can easily be mechanized. With us, everything happens manually.

This manual labour, which is difficult to mechanize, nevertheless made it possible very early on to move towards an ecological, responsible and organic culture. You can see it in one of our Instagram photos, we decided to plant wild thyme at the base of our vines in order to counter the growth of weeds which can affect the sunshine of the vines.

It is in this dynamism that our wines from this heroic culture allow us to obtain these taste notes so specific to our beautiful region of Valais. Whether the minerality of Petite Arvine or the silky tannins present in Syrah, they reflect the work of man but also the respect for the environment.


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